Hair Do

A couple of years ago I was Matron of Honour, along with my cousin, for our Aunt. I flew into Sydney for it and of course had to try out a totally new hair dresser for the experience.

You know, when you try someone new, specially with a tricky up-do, it does not always go so well – ask me how I know that. Needless to say I was a little nervous.

My cousin assured me she knew someone who came highly recommended. She did a lot of the seniors hair for the formals and proms so I was prepared to give it a go.

I dropped in to meet her a couple of days before the wedding just to discuss what I was after and to let her see what she would be working with. She was lovely, seemed to understand easily the look we were going for, and I left feeling much more confident.

Then the big day arrived.

My cousin picked me up early on the morning of the wedding, we hopped in her car, excited to start the day, headed closer into the city and had our hair done. My aunt had the hair dresser who has done her hair for years, a friend, coming to the house to do her hair, so we were on our own.

I was determined to capture all parts of this special day, even if it meant I was in front of the camera instead of behind – yikes!  Which means I didn’t take these photo’s. The cousin did a great job snapping these ones though.

My wedding hairdo was perfect and exactly what I had asked for.

It took a couple of hours to do and I am sure could have stood up on it’s own! It lasted all day and even after sleeping on it that night it lasted all the next day too. I had to take it out the next day as I was itching to wash it.


I have been wanting to scrap the pics for ages and for some reason when I saw this pretty collaborative kit called  Butterflies in Heaven by Dani Alencar and Pamela Donis it brought these photos to mind. You can’t see it in these photo’s but we had pretty little butterfly’s with drops hanging off them pinned in the tuck of the sweep in the hair do.

The hair do was just the start of a fabulous day.


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