Back to School Notebook

We never really stopped learning over summer. One of the joys of homeschool is that you can learn all year round. We did slow down a bit and spent a bit of time on hobbies and other types of learning.

However it was time to get back into the more “structured” learning as summer is drawing to a close. My eldest Miss loves to write herself little notes when she is working (wonder where she gets that from?).


This little hyrbid notebook is just for her – so she has somewhere for the little notes to be corralled – and to help ease the transition “back to school”.

Using my “frugal” found chipboard and some leftover notepaper scraps from another larger project this piece came together very quickly, easily – and inexpensively.

I had so much fun making the little wire antenna for the bugs and attached one bug to some twine for a bookmark. The alpha is raised on mounting dimensional tape.  It is Modge Podged on all the pieces to help with durability.

Those short leftover bits of Bind It All wire from other projects came in perfect for notebook too.


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