A 2nd Quilt Finished

After far too long I am glad to say this wall hanging size quilt is finally finished. The top has been done and rolled up ready to baste and quilt for a couple of years.


I wanted to put piped cording on the borders but had never attempted it before. The task was daunting and for a while I could not figure it out. My good friend and quilting teacher had moved away before I could learn that technique.

Late last year she came out with a book called Quilting in the Lime Light. Fabulous book if you are after a clear concise “how to” book with both humour, and a little insight into the life of internationally renowned quilter Philippa Naylor.

Anyway, another dear friend had got it for me on a trip to Houston where she caught up with Philippa, who had just won another major quilting competition in the USA, and convinced her I had to have the book. I don’t know what it took to do that as it wasn’t released at that time. I am so so thankful to both Shirley for pursuing it and Phillipa for giving up her copy for me.

I am blessed with wonderful friends!

It inspired me to pull out some of my past projects and finish them off. So far I have done two this year. This is the second one – I still have to photograph the other one.

In the book there were the instructions and the clearest photo’s to do the corded piping. I had the cord made already having done that years ago when the top was pieced.. Just never knew how to attach it.


There are two rows of the piping. The very fine green one surrounds the piece where the white meets the borders. The red which is a lot larger is attached to the outside edge of the border then the binding was added to that.

I can’t say it is perfectly done but for a first attempt it is ok. There were a few lessons learnt in the attempt though. 🙂


The middle of the quilt is trapunto under the heart to give it real dimension. It seems to need something though. Perhaps this pretty schwarovsky crystal “bling” button?

What do you think?


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