Perseid Meteors

We got an email yesterday asking if we wanted to join a group driving out to a dark point in the desert to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower.

Always one for adventure and  impromptu outings I had to wait till hubby came home from work to make a decision. A few questions from him, a couple of emails back and forwards and we decided at 3.30 pm that we would make the trek.

That gave me 2 hours to leave. We had no food to take and nothing prepared for snacks or dinner, so we raced around to the supermarket and grabbed both healthy fruit, cheeses and nuts, plus some drinks and of course a couple of unhealthy choices like crisps and choc chip cookies – just because this was going to be an adventure. We planned to pick up KFC – which we have not had in over 6 months, for dinner on the way.

We had to meet at a gas station about 20 mins away to head out with the group. We only new one person going and him not very well.Some people planned to BBQ while watching the Perseid Meteor Shower and the others would walk further into the desert away from the light of the fire.

The gps and phones were charged and loaded with contact numbers “just in case”. We checked the car out, made sure the spare was fine and as the Mr had filled that car up with gas that morning we were pretty right there.

In the meantime the munchkins got busy, readying themselves, collecting chairs, blankets, torches and filling the water jerry cans. Miss 13 cooked some eggs and her sister helped stuff them ready to take. One thing about being out in the fresh air with kids – you have to be sure to take plenty of food.

We left with 1/2 hr to be at the meeting point stopping at KFC. They had run out of cooked food but didn’t tell Hubby till after he had paid. Then they said only 10 minutess till it was ready.  Twenty-five minutes later we finally had our order and were on the road again. We had rung the leader of the group we were meeting and he was running late anyway so it wasn’t a problem.

We headed out toward the north west and meet up with a whole lot of other vehicles at a prearranged point. Then waited for the expedition leader. I am thinking we got there about 6.15 and he arrived about 1/2 an hour later. We could have gone on without him as we had the gps co-ordinates but everyone seemed happy to wait and go in convoy.

I am sure glad we went together.


Yes – that is our car. Bogged!! Sorry the photo is so bad, it was pitch black out there! 🙂

More on the rest of the adventure to view the Perseid Meteorite shower tomorrow.


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