Recycled Oatmeal Boxes

Look what my girls made today. Just too cute!


We have been saving the oatmeal boxes up for some sort of project. Both girls were in a crafting mood so I supplied them with cutters and edgers,stamps and ink, ribbons, glue and scrapbooking papers then left them to it.

While it would have been very easy for my to show them what to do, being a firm believer that children can do anything given enough time and encouragement I wanted them to try it out for themselves. They learn more from thinking it through and seeing what works out – and what does not.

Making a “mistake” is fine too. Each time is an occasion to learn something. After all craft is really in the eye of the creator and therefore nothing is “wrong”, just unique.

They must have learnt by osmosis or hanging around in my craft spot while I am working because they managed to create these wonderful and useful containers. First they both chose the papers they wanted to use and combine. They stamped their names on, added some cut out flower elements, and one added a ‘hair bands’ tag to hers. Not bad for a pre-tween and just teen.

Both tubs now hold pride of place on their dresser. I am sure we’ll be seeing more craft projects from them very soon.


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