Busy taking Photo's

Seems I am far to busy to blog – either that or I just can’t seem to get back into it. Maybe it is a mojo issue?

This week has been very busy with two senior photo shoots and also twins yesterday. Then there was the baby shoot from last week to edit as well. It is such a learning curve and sorting out my work flow is essential. I have not discovered all the short cuts and things that must make that job a lot more efficient.

I have not done many baby portrait sessions. In fact this was only my second – so doing it with twins was such a challenge. I am still not confident enough in myself but am happy to have come away with some nice shots. It is so wonderful and I am very thankful that people are willing to let me work with them while I find my feet.

There is so much to remember and of course waiting on babies teaches such patience. Hopefully everything will come together one day with regards to taking photos.

They say practice makes perfect.

Still it will be wonderful when it finally feels like second nature in getting all the things you need in place to take that perfect photo, if not every photograph, than least a lot of them.

One challenge I have set myself is to try and get to the point where I have minimal post processing. So out with the camera and more practice required.


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