Nearly Famous?

Not sure if this qualifies or not but perhaps?

I am sitting here browsing through this months superb Digi Shop Talk Insider ezine catching up on articles. I wanted to check it out as Nicole Seitler from SugarPlum Paperie who is also the owner of The Digi Chick is the Highlighted Designer of the month at DST for June.

Not only that but Mari Koegelenberg has a great tutorial in there for making the cutest little hybrid tag album. Very clever!

So anyway, as I scroll down I come across a very familiar photo. One of mine in fact. This one.


It is my control center.  🙂

I am totally amazed! Each month the Insider team picks their favourite Hybrid projects from the gallery and hilights them in the ezine!

Mine was one of 4 they picked this month. The others are wonderful too – inspiration for sure.

So now I am wondering? Does this make me nearly famous?

LOL! 😆

If you want to know how to make one of these control centers – the Tutorial is here.


5 thoughts on “Nearly Famous?

  1. My daughter had the “not pox” too. Has your daughter been swimming or in a hot tub lately? Come to find out these “not pox” can appear after these activities due to an allergy to the type of cleaner used in the pool or spa. Try Benedryl for the itch and they go away on their in in a couple of weeks. No scars.

    Blessings to you.


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