Not Chicken Pox??

My youngest munchkin had a couple of “itchy” spots on her back the other day. As she is a veritable mosquito magnet we just put it down to that, and treated it accordingly.

Two days later the number had increased to over twenty spots and it is obvious they were not mossie bites. Some of them have that little whitish center like a chicken pox rash but don’t seem to be developing any further than that.

This morning there were a couple more so I took her of to the Medical center for our Doctor to have a look at them. She also has the sniffles and a sore ear. There hasn’t been any fever so I don’t really think it is the Chicken Pox.

He isn’t sure either!

He agree’s it has some similarities to the Chicken Pox virus but can’t tell for sure. As she has had a couple of viral infections in the last month with high temps he thinks it is just a post viral rash but to keep an eye on it. He gave her some anti-histamine for the itch and we’ll have to see how it develops over the next couple of days.

Hopefully this will be the worst of it and it will just go away. 🙂


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