Paper Towel Holder

The paper towel holder seems to have made it’s home on the kitchen bench. Everyone likes it there and I have to admit that it is handy.

I don’t really like the pine!

Of course I can fix that. 🙂  Which I did.



Sanded it back lightly then painted it with a lovely shade of creamy white  house paint. I use what is available here and also what I have on hand. Plus I just love this colour.

Here it is all nicely painted up  – but it is just a bit too perfect. Not shabby enough.


No problem – just take some sand paper or a emery fingernail file and rough it up a bit. Think about the places that it would get worn and gently rub it back. Distress it a little around the edges on the top where it would get handled. Not too much though. We want it to look shabby not old.

Set it in place for a few days – see if it needs more distressing and then varnish it with a nice semi matt/gloss finish.


Perfectly shabby, very useful paper towel holder that cost me 30 cents and about half an hours work.


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