Junk Finds

A trip to the local “new to you” store this morning turned up these.


The frame will come in handy for a project I have in mind. There will be more on that in a future post.

The hat box case thingy? Well it screamed my name last time I went in there and here it was still calling me three weeks later. I wasn’t sure what to do with it but know something will come to me. I didn’t have to wait long. Both munchkins girls fell in love with it. One immediately declared it had to go in the lounge as company to my vintage metal suitcase.

Now I need a third piece in that area to make a montage. Perhaps I can re-purpose something from elsewhere in the house.

The exciting thing about that whole episode was seeing the way my darlings are seeing possibilities and knowing instinctively what goes together.

Reminder. to. self.  Take photo’s.

The pine paper towel holder.  It is well known in my family that I am not a lover of pine, unless it is painted of course. 🙂

I had planned on making it into one of the those spinny album’s that are all the rage. Yet again one of my munchkins changed that plan. He grabbed it out of that bag, headed straight in the pantry, snapped up the paper towel plonking it on with a satisfied grin and declaring it “perfect”.

Not being someone who likes the cluttered busy bench look I wasn’t too sure about. Time will tell if it stays or heads to the craft zone to be altered.

Total cost for all three items – $1


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