Working with Hybrid Digital Cards

Over the national scrapbook day weekend I participated in a card swap at The Hybrid Chick. Now I have done digital card swap’s at many sites but this one was for hybrid cards.


So instead of just printing out a pre finished card you actually print it, cut it out and put it back together again. Easy peasy – right?

Not always. What if this is your first card swap?  What if you have never “made” a card before. How do you put it together?  What if you are a digi only girl and have never done hybrid?

Don’t let those questions put you off though. Doing one of these can be very rewarding and the whole thing about doing a card swap is you get beautiful digital cards in a variety of designs. This is a real time saver and it is always lovely to see everyone’s work.

This month I am joining in a month long card swap at The Digi Chick. If you like the card above – that is in the swap. So why not join us? These are a lot of fun.

Now back to my original topic. 😀

How do you work with one of these hybrid digital cards? You can read more about that here.


2 thoughts on “Working with Hybrid Digital Cards

  1. I am pretty sure I already left a comment but I can not see it LOL – so here is to tell you for a second time how awesome your card is!

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