The A Nationals.

What a weekend! Not going yesterday was the right decision. The sandstorm and wind were just awful. Thankful it blew hard all night then settled around 4.30 am…not long before we were up.

The dust was hanging around in the air but dropped as the day wore on and the sun burnt a lot of it off. The wind kept up but not as gusty. More of a strong gentle breeze. Having said that that temperature was about 40 celcius so having the breeze was essential.

The meet is called the A Regionals. It is the Eastern Province finals and somewhat like a state final.

Some action shots.


Suck in the air boy!


Keep going honey.


More air?

The result of all the hard work. Both swam ten races. Miss C surprised herself with equal  5th place on the podium. The girl she shared with was the one she pipped at the post for the same spot last year. She is very sweet and it was nice to see the both of them up there together. It had come down to their placings on their last race and if Miss C had not made the right place in that race she would have not made the podium. They were both pleased to be sharing the place. Miss C swam very well over her races with five out of ten being personal best times.

Please excuse the terrible indoor photos. School gym, no room to set up the tripod, kids too far away, and terrible terrible lights. Add in my hot shoe flash piking out right as they started handing out the trophies. Not impressed!



Just look at the smile on that face. Can you tell the result?

JMan swam five out of the ten with personal best time improvements. He also took gold with a clean sweep winning all ten. First place in the A Regionals.


Nice trophy plaques for the wall.

Looking forward to the rest tomorrow. Then the focus will be on the National Championships in two weeks time.


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