New Blog Header

Do you like it?

All of the things in the photo were gathered from my home – most of them from places they have sat for years. I wasn’t really noticing them any more. It amazes me how moving something, altering it’s placement, can make it seem new again.

This is the photo I picked before resizing for the header.


One of my current photo assignments is looking at light.

My craft area has a big picture window that lets in a lot of light. Too much in summer as it gets the full morning sun and glare. With temperatures of 49 celcius or higher we have to use very heavy drapes to keep the room cool.

It is on the second floor and has a longish view – not all that nice due to the area I live in being surrounded by industrial types business.Perhaps one day when the windows are not so dusty from sand storms I will photograph it so you can see.


Yep!  That means I would need to hang outside about 15 – 20 feet up and clean my windows.

Not happening!!

Maybe you’ll get a dusty photo.

Anyway – in the  afternoon the sun is one the other side of the house and the light falls so pretty in here. Softer but still nice and bright. I knew I wanted to use that light to create shadows and area’s of interest. To have the light fall on things so that your eye wandered from one to another.

I also wanted to create mood, kind of a soft romantic feel to it.

Hopefully I acheived that!

As it all looks so pretty and this little table sits to the right of my craft desk I am going to leave it here for a while and enjoy all my new ‘old’ things again.


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