A Sign of Spring

Don’t you just love spring? The beauty of new growth. Everything fresh and shiny.

I do! Especially out here where it lasts for such a short time before the extreme heat sets in and burns everything.


These basil sprouts are growing beautifuly and have such a wonderful future ahead of them.

Pesto – home made at that!

Yum!! I can just pick them off the plant and eat them fresh. However the promise of pesto is too strong for me to eat them all.

What is really nice is these plants cost me nothing. We had a go at saving seeds from our last lot of basil that bolted during the hot weather in the last growing season.

It worked and now I have so many plants – all from one little organic plant bought in the supermarket. So if you can’t find seeds try buying one of those hydroponic living plants in your grocery store and go from there.


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