Rome for a Day

Or four!

We leave tonight for Rome Italy. This trip has been planned for about 6 months now and yet it seems to have snuck up on us. I have been researching everything from typical tourist sites to visit and photograph to cheap “local” places to eat.

We love finding little hole in the wall type places to eat when we travel. The food is usually better than that you would find in the touristy area’s and often times is a little cheaper. Word of mouth or personal recommendation can always be a good indication that a place might be worth a try.

When we travel we usually have a courtesy lift from the airport to the hotel. However this time we are staying in a B& B and it is not an option. We chose the B& B as it fit our budget and yet had the added bonus of breakfast. This had to be eaten at the hotel to which the B&B is attached.

Apparently this breakfast restaurant has one of the best views in Rome of St Peters Basilica and is used sometimes for movies. Time will tell if this is true!

Do I sound a little cynical?


Maybe – but after years of traveling the world, reading hotel sites and tourist advertising I have become a little jaded after many disappointments. For instance – ‘recently decorated’ could mean 6 years ago and the place is now a hovel.

Anyway – we are well prepared for things to be old and tired in Europe. It is Rome after all. Expecting this has helped when we arrive somewhere. Never think it is going to be as advertised and you may be pleasantly surprised.

And Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Sorry! Couldn’t resist.Β  πŸ˜†

I probably won’t blog while we are away, but should be back soon.


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