Spring is in the Air

Dealing with life can be tough sometimes…it sure can get in the way of the things you really want to do!


Just lately though things have been looking up. Seems spring is in the air and there is that renewed sense of purpose.  Of everything being right with the world.

Some of the life things that I needed to get a handle on have been very good for me and are starting to pay off. A little spring cleaning never hurt anyone right?

One of these “spring cleaning” changes was to rethink the way I scrap and create. To plan and complete things with more purpose than just to do them.

My first project has been an about me book. It has been quite cathartic and also very freeing to put all the changes I have been going though out in that format. I know in the future that looking back on this time, reading about how I felt will be very powerful.


I used my brand new Bind-it-all to make this cute little 4.5 inches across mini album. It has 14 pages in all and is based on some prompts by Charlene Virkler and the layout idea is inspired by Jessica Sprague.

In keeping with the spring feel I created my mini circle layouts with Strawberry Au Lait digital kit by Sugarplum Paperie and pink owires from Zutter. The addition of spring coloured ribbons and a little bling finished it off perfectly.


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