Here There and Everywhere.

We travel a lot! I have so much paraphernalia from those trips – not to mention the 1000’s (yes you read that right!) of photos taken en route. The bits and pieces are all stored on those nice paper style carry bags they sometimes give you in stores – all collected from our trips and sitting in the bottom of my scrap cupboard waiting to be put into albums.

The digital photo’s are neatly catalogued in my EHD and my old real film photos are catalogued in my Creative Memories Photo Storer.  In simplifying this year it might be a good idea for something to be done with the things that are relevant and the rest assigned to the trash.

It is such a big thing to think about tackling though.

Then today I get information about another Shimelle class. The Journal Your Christmas one was wonderful and I actually completed the album. (Another image yet to be revealed 😐 )

This one is called Here There and Everywhere. Sounds like just what I need.

So from past experience this class would probably be just what I need to get that rather large and daunting job done.

Have you got any  Here There and Everywhere photos you need to scrap too?  Perhaps you could join in too.

This is a sneak peak!

Check out the class details here.

You can also read a lot more about it on Shimelle’s blog.


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