New Places

One of the ideas – not resolutions I had for this year was to change the way I scrap. I want to learn more, scrap more decisiviely – in other words be more choosey about how I scrap. Have purpose to them. Plan the layouts with an album goal in mind rather than to just get a page done.

Also to further this I need to move out of the normal places I visit. To introduce myself to more ideas, people and designs. So today I did just that.

I went to check out Sunshine Studio Scraps. I have been to this site before but not really been there if YKWIM. While browsing their forums and looking around the site I came across this amazing way they have of promoting their newest kits…clever thinking girls.

Here is the scoop. Show off the kit on your blog and go in the draw to win it. What a wonderful idea!

So here is one I really like. The colors just jumped right out at me. The elements are cute too. Especially those little beaded hearts. It is bright and funky and will do my just turned teenage daughter photographs very nicely. It is called Teen Crush and is from TLC Designs. I don’t think I have heard of them before so it has been a profitable idea day. New idea’s, people and designs all in one hit!



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