Back to the New Year

Yes! I know – that was days ago. I however have had no or little internet for some weeks now. It felt like I was on another planet. How did we come to rely on this little thing called the web so much in such a short few years?

In the same time frame I was making a server move and trying to get that sorted without internet access is not much fun. Anyhow, here we are back again and hopefully here for a while.

Trusting you all had a wonderful time over the season. It did seem to fly quick even in web free land. :o)

New years saw us out as a family and we had a wonderful night. It was the first time that they have all been old enough to go out. They have stayed up at home before but not out on the town. Or should I say compound?

Mind you the youngest was ready for bed by the time it struck midnight. Us adults lasted till 2.30 before hitting the hay. Now time to regroup and get on with the new year.

Not that I have made any resolutions. Some things are hovering around in the back of my mind but nothing concrete yet. I am trying to take a photo a day. Also have the idea of a word for the year. Perhaps a verse too. Neither of these have solidified yet so will bring them when they do.

Did you make any resolutions?


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