Today is day twenty one of Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas. Can’t quite believe it is going by that quickly. Also can’t quite believe I am just about managing to keep up. Hopefully by tonight I will get day 17 and day 20 journaled. Today was the day I planned to slow down and relax, take some time in my ‘shabby space’ crafty area and regroup for the coming few days.

So today’s prompt was perfect. Take a photo of what is in your home today. Then scrap it using colors from that.

My main areas are clean organized and decorated ready for the holiday, so no point taking photo’s of that. This journal will have enough of those type of photo’s. My bed isn’t made today so that room was not going to be photographed either.

What better room to show today than the room I scrap and create in. Some days I detest this room as it can end up a pretty good mess in there. Not only that, but it ends up being a catch all for the overflow from the rest of the house. Other days, when it is clean and tidy it becomes my retreat.

Today however I love it – even though it is a little messy. Normally I would clean it up before a photo. But today I really don’t mind. It shows that life is good, I am busy creating for those I love and I have the ability plus the space to do it in. Mind you it has looked far worse. These photo’s were taken this morning and you can see todays prompt on the computer screen.

The gorgeous silver Alpha, scrolly silver twine and the journaling tag (recoloured) are from Deb F. Deb had a Christmas daily give away on her blog. This is just some of the awesome goodies she handed out. What a sweetie! You can find Deb’s blog here and you can find the goodies now in her store at Pickle Berry Pop. The pink pp is from Sabrina at Shabby Pickle, the green from HollyAnn. Moments stamp from Jessica Sprague. Also used Something Blue studio’s grungy overlays. The heart element is from Mysterious Melancholy collab kit at After Five Designs.


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