A Delicious Birthday

Before I get going about my day I have a couple of happy birthdays to wish others. Natalie – for yesterday, hope you are enjoying KL and had a great birthday. Today is also a very Happy birthday to my birthday buddies Linda and Chrystal.

Now back to the desert or in this case dessert. 🙂

We had a lovely relaxing day today. I was able to chat with my Aunt via IM for a while after setting up to do so earlier in the week. Then the children and I played monopoly. After purchasing way too many plots of land, getting down to no cash in hand, then managing to purchase some houses after passing go, I actually ended up winning. 🙂 They had their eyes opened as I played with a totally different game plan to what they are used to.

After Wayne got home from work – along with two birthday cards in the post, we had afternoon tea and he surprised me with a birthday gift. I had admired a German hand made glass water jug some time back and he had remembered. Given that, I was very impressed! The children got me a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure which I am looking forward to redeeming.

For afternoon tea I had made some flour less sugar free chocolate cupcakes. These have the consistency of mudcake and are delicious. I use stevia and unsweetened chocolate so they tend to be a little on the strong bitter style chocolate side. My favourite!

It was also our 23rd wedding anniversary. So for those who want to see how old we are looking these days…

Some friends whom we had only seen twice since last Christmas rang and asked us to come have dinner with them. They spoiled me silly which was lovely and the evening was very enjoyable.

Had a cake too – this one is soo soo soo delicious. While not sugar free it is flour less. It is made with those Lindt Chocolate bars, the ones that have the orange flavour. Crunchy on the outside, melt in your mouth inside. Yum! Not to mention the scrummy chocolates around it.

Thanks Shirley!


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