Day Eleven: Journal Your Christmas

Todays journaling prompt is about the tree you will have at Christmas – and ornaments.

As our old hand me down blessing of a tree died last year we don’t have one to hang ornaments on. We got rid of it during a time when we were not even sure that a Christmas tree was at all relevant to Christmas. It needed to go anyway. That doesn’t make it any easier when trying to decide how to handle our ornament tradition.

Anyway I ended up journaling our lack of a tree and showing a photo of three little trees that have lights in them. They fit nicely in the corner on the side-board and create a lovely glow to the room. They make me think of the three wise men.

I have more little trees that we have collected in our travels. Tomorrow more than likely I will pull out all the decorations under the stairs and we can decorate the house. Then we will add a few more small trees to the corner.

I also decided to journal more about yesterdays prompt so change my pages around a bit. The letter will go on the back of day 9 with the parcel in the pocket on the right hand page. Then in the pocket I put a mini layout of a couple of local decorations we have collected over the years. It is truly a mini layout as it is a 4 x 6 photo size.

The sequin handmade coffee pot was a door prize at the first ever Christmas coffee morning I attended in 1999 – the first year we were here. Hand blown glass perfume bottles are very common here thought these shapes can be a bit hard to find. The tree we found in Khan El Kahlili souk in Egypt and the camel was found in downtown Khobar.


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