Back to the Journal.

Life caught up with me yesterday and so my day 10 entry wasn’t done till today. We are not doing gifts this year so it was a bit hard to get into the journaling mood when I was feeling a little blue about not indulging in one of my favourite things – gift wrapping.

I have hand written about this on a little journaling notepaper.

When we first moved here nearly ten years ago it was hard to find “Christmasy” wrapping paper. I made it out of brown paper and stamped little holly leaves and drew red berries on it.

One thing about expats though – they can get pretty creative. Fortunately someone filled the need locally and you can get some lovely papers now that have a middle eastern theme. Cards too!

When you turn the cute little sleeve over there is a real package in the sleeve with paper, ribbon and a card.

So if I were wrapping packages this is how they would look. You can buy great ribbons and gift wrapping ‘elements’ here so it is fun to try different things out. I love the wired ribbon with little white pom poms that look like snow or popcorn along the edge.


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