Something Different.

Thinking the hybrid bug must have bit me. On a roll now. LOL

Two days ago while looking for clear pockets for my journal look what jumped into my shopping basket.

Cute huh?

It is only about 8 inches tall and 5 inches wide. I have started painting it white and will shabby it up a little. Thinking that the little drawers need some pretty paper across the front. Maybe a shabby green check or a little pink rosey flower print. Let me know if you see the perfect shabby print for me. I guess it needs to be very small print for the drawers as they are small.

There are two reasons I was happy to see this little set. It is hard to come by anything crafty, wood wise here. This was in a local supermarket – not a craft store. As you can see it has some funny writing on the front too. 🙂

The second reason is this.

Yep! This shelf needs help!! Serious help. I hate clutter and the busy-ness of this shelf is not good for my mojo.

It sits on the wall to the left of my desk and is very handy for all my little bits. Things I use all the time. It is a mess though. Lots of different coloured boxes, shapes and sizes. A hodge podge if you will. But you can see that from the photo! I really want to make it look better.

The little box fits perfectly on the bottom shelf on the left where you can see that space. It will hold the pins and things I use for quilting. Whatever papers I use for the drawers might springboard into a hybrid covering spree and organization project. Wonder if a series of little drawers would look neat?

The shelves on the wall are about as deep as a dvd cover. If you have any ideas for storage that is neat and streamlined – link me up please. Photos too!


3 thoughts on “Something Different.

  1. Oh wow! I love your little drawers – they are perfect for all the little bits that get lost in a box (OK, which supermarket had it and do they have more)?? Hmmm, when I am planning to go to Khober again? LOL

    I love the idea of sagey green with pink primsrose fronts, sounds divine and will shabby up beautifully – will search my paper stash and see what I have!

    Your shelf looks very neat and tidy to me… my scrapping area looks like a whirling dervish has been dancing about in it!!

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