Traditionally Speaking.

Todays Journal Your Christmas prompt is about Christmas Traditions. We have quite a lot!

Having recently made a couple of digital layouts on this subject today’s pages for me ended up being a double layout. Totally digital too.

The two previous layouts became the left side and were embellished a little. The right hand page is journaling about the different types of traditions we have and a little about why we have them.

I feel like this year could be an over view and in the future will concentrate more on specifics and why’s. If I did each one as a separate page you wouldn’t find binding big enough to fit this journal.

I have used mostly Happy Ho Ho kit by LaWanna Desjardin of Desjardin Digital Designs. You can find the kit at Scrap Book Bytes. The little red layout is done with a kit called Holiday Cheer by Laura Burger and it can be found at ACOT and Gotta Pixel


3 thoughts on “Traditionally Speaking.

  1. Wow, your traditions look really tasty, our family tradition is that everyone gets a new pair of slippers! I really think we need to have some food ones.

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