Day Eight JYC

Todays prompt came in just after I had taken a photo of my first little visible effort towards Christmas. I had changed the candle display a couple of days ago. Put some pretty red glass beads in a bowl with a candle and added a red candle to the montage. It looked nice but we hadn’t lit it yet.

After waking up early this morning I grabbed a cuppa and headed for the couch and my quiet time. It was just breaking dawn and while I didn’t want to turn the lights on the room needed some light and ambiance. So my candles got lit. When DD came down she grabbed the camera for me and I snapped my first photo of the ‘silly season’.

Day 8 prompt was to take photos of the visible signs of Christmas happening around you. There are none here. So I am glad for the candle photo’s. Mind you I did notice tonight our neighbour has put a light up snow man and the north pole out on his front path. I may snap a photo of that to add tomorrow.

Once we start to put up the decorations – when I can summon the decorating mood, there will be plenty more to take.

That’s why most of todays layout is journaling. About the signs, or lack of signs here. The journaling page is done totally digital. The tag fits well and is hidden under the green card flap which you can see the back of in this photo.

The other part of the prompt is to do something artistically small. The little card will have some form of binding on the left and be attached to the journaling bit.

After creating the digital layout with the frame and a stamp, and printing it out on cardstock I cut out the tiny windows. Attaching magic mount to the frame and adding a real photo to the back gave it great dimension. It appears as though you are looking in through a window. The back has the holly leaf printed on card stock added to cover the photo and for strength.

The whole thing is inked on each layer and attached to the back of yesterdays entry.

I want to bind it down the left hand side of the candle window card to the red background. Then it can flip to the left so the journaling can be read. If you have any suggestions on how please leave me a comment. I would love some ideas. Perhaps wire binding to match the outside edge but am not sure if it comes that tiny?


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