Lumpy and Bumpy

I couldn’t help it. After viewing all the wonderful paper and real life element pages in the forums at and the blogs of those who are participating in Journal Your Christmas I just had to join in.

It started with me printing the heart and wings element on the digital layout from yesterday and adding it to the page with mounting tape. Then todays went totally wild. All lumpy and bumpy.

I had so much fun. Hunting through my craft cupboard for bits and pieces to use was such a hoot. Found all sorts of treasures too. My little box of hybrid goodies is nearly full of potential bits to add to the journal.

Todays prompt was for getting organised. I love to make lists so took to it right away. The little tags will hold the main things I need to focus on. They are stamped, embossed and coloured in. Fibers were pulled from my embroidery and silk ribbon boxes to be attached to the tags. The edges are inked as are the complete pages and the little envelope.

The left hand page is shaped to fit the back of yesterdays unique shape and will have a plastic envelope attached to hold the receipts, as suggested by Shimelle. Daily lists and anything else relevant to todays prompt will also go in there. There is a little lace, a silk ribbon bow and a cute metal gift element.

It’s sure nice to be on time with todays prompt.


4 thoughts on “Lumpy and Bumpy

  1. I have to tell you, I’m very impressed with you art, and especially with it being digital!! GREAT JOB.
    I also want to add that I share your pain. Tomorrow is my mother’s birthday, and she died on that day, too. She is gone since 1995, after a massive heart attack at 71. She was very active, and looked fine, but obviously was not.

    Sorry for your loss. This gave us an outlet though, to breathe free of the ill airs of Christmas past, right?? (I don’t talk like that, really!)


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