Countdown to Christmas

This is an interesting prompt today. It is about journaling your count down to Christmas. We have never really done the advent thing though I would like to. Perhaps next year!

With two daughters birthdays, my wedding anniversary and my own birthday all before Christmas it seems like the countdown just happens all on it’s own. We move from week to week with a different focus than Christmas and all of a sudden it is here. Fortunately all those with special occassions in this busy month love the season and take on the decorating and baking as part of their celebrations too.

I have always made sure that their birthdays take center stage because way too often mine is forgotten being so close to Christmas. The old excuses of it being such a busy month, and “Oh I forgot as I was too busy with seasonal parties and work do’s to remember your birthday” really hurt. I don’t want my girls to ever feel let down due to being born in December.

In fact we have really played up the fact that it is one ‘month long’ celebration, and how fortunate they are getting to share in such a special birthday month. It may not be the actual date that Christ was born…but hey, it is the time we celebrate it. Let’s have a whole party month. This has helped them have a healthy attitude to being born at this time of year.

My countdown layout is a calender. I have printed it off on card and am filling in each day the major things that happen. Keeping track of the daily prompts will go in there too. Of course all the birthdays are marked in!

At the end of the month I will transfer these details onto my digital layout, print it up and replace the card one in my journal.

See ow I managed to tuck the tag in there and make it fit. Desaturated and played with the levels a bit. This might work for other unusual colored layouts than the traditional red and green Christmas colors.

Kits used are the same as in previous posts. I think at some point I will list them all and give links to them if anyone is interested. Also it would be a good reminder of what I used when looking back over the journal in years to come.

That actually gives me an idea. A contact sheet with a little picture of the layout and then the previews of the kits used. Placed in the back of my journal for future reference. Hmm!

More work. =))


2 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas

  1. A month of birthdays… and then Christmas! I do know what you mean, my brother is the 19th December and I am the 4th of January (we must be fellow Capricorns striving for perfection, knew I liked you straight away!!). By the 4th of January, peeps are well fed-up with the festivities, some still have New Year hangovers… so my birthday is a pain in the butt to most, especially as they spent all their money at Christmas!! LOL

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