Planned Perfection:Day Four JYC

Todays prompt was perfect. No, not perfect – the prompt is “Perfection”. This one is interesting to me as I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. So far on this journey I have discovered that I can cope with getting the page done, after all that is what it is about. It does not have be perfect. Life is too short and that realisation has caused me to rethink some of my expectations.

Just the fact that my tags don’t all fit isn’t even going to bother me. I shall adjust. 🙂

However – I do like things to appear perfect. I plan them that way and usually manage to pull it off. Growing older has allowed me the grace to realise if it doesn’t then life won’t end.

My layout for today encompasses the way I like my home to look and the day to run. Yes, I can manage a room that looks like it should be in a magazine. Yes, I can do Martha Stewart and have all the cooking done so my time with our guests is at a premium. It takes planning, dedication and commitment to do it though. These things just do not happen on their own.

Life experience has honed these skills. At forty I am more capable than I was at twenty. If you find it a challenge, take hope and just work on one thing each year. Eventually you will find the balance and be pleased with your efforts.

I have again used kits by Bisontine, Pickle Barrel Designers, and Julie Bullock – available at Shabby Pickle Designs.


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