JYC Day Three

Today saw me making our Christmas cards. These were done digitally and printed out. Having planned to do it today the prompt was a timely one. Won’t show it here till after Christmas as some of my readers are recipients. 🙂

The rest of today’s journal entry and page will be hybrid. There will be clear pocket added for one of the cards. Also another pocket with our list of the family, friends and acquaintances we send Christmas cards to. I usually keep a list each year with a couple of columns. The date, to and from. That way I can keep track of it over the years. The last few years cards have got pretty low arriving as most from home just don’t bother to send them to us.

It has taken a bit to get past the lack of interest…especially from family. The children feel it and often make comments asking why? It’s not something I can easily answer. How do you? It’s also hard to keep making excuses for people. Our address hasn’t changed in 8 years so it’s not like that is a good excuse. =))

The effort from here is being organized. We have to send them out with someone going home to Australia to be posted back there. This means getting cards made early..they can’t be found in the stores here. Then making sure to get them to someone who is having Christmas at home.

Still, there is joy in sending and hopefully those who get cards from us receive them with joy too.


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