A Letter to Me

Another part of the prompt today was about writing a physical letter. Not an email or sms but a real live post it kind of letter. Rather than sending one to someone else I have decided to write a letter to me.

There are some things that I have been dealing with this year that I want to document. Personal things. Writing my feelings and why they mean what they do often helps me at the time. One day reading it in retrospect things may seem different given the passage of time and perspective. Perhaps words to give me hope and to encourage myself.

The letter will take a couple of days, perhaps a week. A first draft is in my head. It will be tweaked over the time before Christmas then written in my own hand.

This may or may not be sealed. That part will be decided once it is completely written. A hidden envelope in a pocket will hold this letter. Instructions attached should I decide it can’t be read by others just yet.


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