Shimelle's 'Journal Your Christmas' Day 1

This class started yesterday. What with all the birthday goings on around here I am a day behind. Day one is a manifesto journaling about committing to the daily effort and why I am doing it. After altering the words to be more personal I added them into a layout.

I have used kits by LaWanna Desjardin, Bisontine, Laura Decetis, Catherine Designs and Bren Boone. Credits here. The template is from the Cookies for Kids daily templates from Sweet Shoppe Designs.

Tomorrow I will hopefully get day two done before day three comes into my inbox. Just one advantage to being ahead in time zones.

I had a sneak peak at day two of Journal Your Christmas – and it’s talking about the weather and making snowflakes. Which is perfect. Today, at one of the seasonal bazaar’s that I work at with a craft stall, I purchased two snowflakes decorations to hang in my craft zone. These are made locally by a lady and are perfect. Shabby and pink. They are so cute they might just stay up all year round.


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