Shania has a Birthday

She had a lovely day with her favourite flat nosed beef and scrambled eggs for breakfast. We played games and they watched Oliver Twist which was her choice of movie.

The after dinner we had an ice-cream cake. I made it in her favourite ‘funky’ colours of pink and orange. It had malteasers and coloured M&M’s mixed into vanilla and mango icecreams. There were also some mini white marshmallows in it. The pink is Italian meringue buttercream and there is also fresh whipped cream just to balance all the sweetness out.


Then she had the pleasure of opening a few gifts. We usually wait till after dinner in the evening or at least late afternoon. I was amazed that she didn’t ask once all day if she was getting anything. There was no mention of it by anyone which was quite funny. We have done it this way since they were young so that the focus is more about them and their day than about ‘getting something’.

She got a new hat!

Just kidding!

However Max did have to get in on the action.

So did Cody!

Then it was time to pull funny faces at the camera.

Lots of fun was had by everyone.

Shania got a few things for her Life of Faith Doll and a skirt. We had bought the fabric on our last vacation and I was planning on teaching the girls how to make these pretty gypsy style skirts in the new year. However a conversation about wearing skirts made me realise that she needed it now. So I started it last night – yep, nothing like leaving things till the last minute hey. It got finished this morning while they watched the DVD.

It was certainly worth the late night effort as she ‘had to’ put in on right there and then, and dance around the lounge as soon as she opened it. The verdict was “Oh thank you Mummy, I love it!”. Followed by “When did you make this?”.

Don’t you just love surprises!


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