Sewing for Daughters

My youngest DD has been wanting a particular type of skirt for a while now. We purchased some pretty cottons while in the US with the intention of making one.

Her birthday is today and after a conversation we had two days ago I knew it needed to be made. It’s not like me to leave things till the last minute. However the busy-ness of the last week and the focus on the tea party took up all my time.

She wanted one of the tiered pheasant type skirts. Swirly and floaty – but not a dress, was the request.

Long story short I started last night. Four fabrics, lots of gathering and 7.5 hours of work and it was completed.

When did you make this??? was the reaction to getting it wrapped with her other gifts for her birthday. One day she will understand the lack of sleep, the blood sweat and tears that goes into sewing for daughters.

None of those matter but the memory of her sweet face, thanking me and loving that I would do that for her. Seeing her enjoying her skirt, swirling around the lounge, feeling very girly and pretty makes any effort worthwhile.


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