Journal Your Christmas.

I am so excited about the Journal Your Christmas class I am taking over at Having always done so many things with my munchkins at Christmas it will be nice to have it all journaled and compiled to sit and enjoy. Plus think about the memories in years to come.

Also it has been a bit of fun already. Getting to know some of the ladies in the forums and seeing past years albums from those who have participated before.

The first email came today. More of a preparation really. Then on the 1st – which is one daughters birthday, the emails start to come daily. Journaling prompts to get you thinking and motivated for that day.

It’s not like I don’t have great plans to do this kind of thing myself. My harddrive had so many photos and finished layouts that just prove this. However the motivation of a class, the inspiration from other ladies and the structure will all serve to help me stay on track and hopefully complete it.

The whole process promises to be fun.

If it is something you would like to try or find out more about you can do so here at


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