Table Centerpiece

Just had to throw in another post for today.

Been trying to work out what to do for a table centerpiece for the ‘tea party’. Thought about a ribbon topiary. But they take so much ribbon and it’s not easy to find nice ribbons here here. Plus we are trying to de-clutter and it would be so pretty and we would just have to keep it.  🙂

So instead I wanted to work with some things we already have. It’s that frugal thing again. Given the state of the economy at the moment it’s not a bad idea to re-purpose things as often as possible.

We are planning some girly hat making with lots of flowers. The theme is lavender and green. I have had this perfect green candle holder and the flowers for a long while. So pulled them all out along with some extra tea cups left over from making their party gift to take home.

This is what I came up with. The teacups will sit on the bottom candle cups and have little tea lights inside. It should look good on the table. Check back after Friday for a photo of the completed table.