Sweet Tea Biscuits

Preparations are in full swing for the Tea Party this weekend. Today we made Sweet Tea Biscuits. These are like a cross between melting moments and shortbread. Absolutely delicious!

I remember my Mum making these when I was a little girl. It seemed if you had one that you needed to have another one. But there were never enough. 🙂

It is still the same now. It’s nice too to be passing this recipe and the enjoyment of something so tasty to my family.

A sweet aroma fills the house as they are baking and the children flock to the kitchen waiting for them to be out of the oven.

The rough looking ones will have chocolate drizzled over the top. The smooth one will be joined with a little lemon cream icing ready for the party. They keep very well and can be made a couple of days ahead.

Sometimes we make these with other flavours like lemon or orange. They are also extra nice with chocolate drops added to the mix.