Italian Meringue Buttercream

So just how do you make Italian Meringue Buttercream?

First you take your laptop to the kitchen.

Then you look up

This is one of my favourite sites for cake decorating. Louise, the site owner, is amazing. Her cakes are masterpieces that win awards and yet her instructions are simple enough for even novices to understand and follow. She also gives lots of tips and other things she has run across to help you in your cooking.

Back to the Italian Meringue Buttercream!

Following the instructions – first is to get your sugar and water boiling.

Then whip your egg whites. When the sugar syrup is ready – mine was about 125C when I used it, slowly pour it into your meringue. Now the cake journal recipe says it may go soupy at this stage. Mine didn’t. It stayed a lovely thick white meringue as it mixed.

It did start to go a little watery when I put the butter in. Possibly due to the butter being a little warm. My ‘room temperature’ butter here is always a little too soft. Maybe next time I will sit the bowl of butter in ice water to have it not so soft.

To remedy this watery-ness I grabbed a cool pack used for injuries out of my freezer, wrapped it around the mixer bowl and let it keep mixing. The buttercream came together beautifully.

Pipe on to cupcakes or whatever your heart desires…and enjoy!

We added a little green paste colour to the buttercream. Just a word on that – a little goes a long way. It also darkens overnight. So you might like to experiment with that before doing it for guests. Unless it is for Shrek of course. 🙂

Ordinarily I would not have quite so much icing to cupcake ratio…but the kids like it this way!