Powder Puffs and Christmas Traditions

Baking is another one of my (hhhehemm) few hobbies. Since I was very young it is something that has been a passion.

I don’t need an excuse to cook but if there is a really good reason I love to break out the pans and cook up a storm. DD, whose birthday is right before Christmas, is having a ‘Tea Party” to celebrate with a few friends….a little early. What better excuse than to get into the kitchen and ‘practice’ the pretty cupcakes, and other tea menu items she has requested.

After all I need to make sure they work and we can get the ingredients.

Right?  🙂

So today we made Italian Meringue Buttercream and Powder Puffs. I say we, as my youngest daughter, who loves to bake with Mummy, helped me out.

It was our first attempt at the IMB and it worked perfectly. This stuff should be called ‘death by buttercream’. It is so light, fluffy and – well you could just eat it out of the bowl. Who needs cake? I will be back with more on that tomorrow.

Then later today we made the Powder Puffs. Delicious soft little morsels of air filled with fresh whipped cream. These are something I have made in the past but not for many years. As a low carb eater I tend to avoid anything remotely like what we made today….but it is for a good cause. The children don’t ever remember having them before.

So here for your drooling pleasure I present to you Powder Puffs.

Needless to say they did not last very long. Wonderful with a hot cup of tea.

Here too for you to drool over is a layout sharing one of our Christmas Traditions.


It is made with a wonderful new kit by LaWanna Desjardin of Desjardin Digital Designs.

Now – wouldn’t you like to come visit with me? We could have some tea and cake, perhaps scrap a little?

Scrap N Snack. Now there is the perfect combination of hybrid!  🙂


One thought on “Powder Puffs and Christmas Traditions

  1. Um wow. Yep, just wow. You blow me away girl! Look at you go!! I can’t make a decent pastry to save my life. How about I come for a Scrap n’ Snack and we skip the scrap? lol They look divine!! Yum!!!!!!!

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