Embroidering and Listening to Cindy Rushton

I can’t thank Cindy Rushton enough for organizing this weekends online get together. The ideas and speakers presented were wonderful and I came away with so many new ideas for memory making that it will be fun trying to work out which ones to implement.

It was good to share some of the things our family does to make memories as well. Lot of the ladies had great ideas, traditions and now more reasons to make sure they continued with those things. The generational affect of having family traditons can’t be measured in tangible ways but in deeper feeling of love and trust and fun.

After all memories should be fun.

While I was listening and doing the occasional type chatting I worked on another embroidery. This time it is a little bird bath flower arrangement.

Here is what it looked like the night before when I started.

I managed to get it finished last night while enjoying the second days sessions. It is on 100 cotton with Pellon batting behind.. Firstly I ink the outline then paint it in. Stem stitch is used in the background. Then 100% silk ribbon is used to create leaves, roses and other flowers.

If you missed Cindy’s Workshop don’t worry. She records them and they are always online. Cindy’s classes are often open for free to attend live. However if you can’t get there live, you can buy a ticket which allows you permanent access to the site for that class. Which also means you get the goodies she gives away too. The classes are then available as a podcast. I like to download them to my ipod then I can listen to them at anytime.

You can learn more and check it out here.

I know Cindy has some exciting things lined up soon, so I’ll let you know when they are coming.