It Got Me Thinking.

I made a statement the other day in this post about that quilt being ‘forgotten, unloved and incomplete’. Do you ever feel like that?

I know I do.

That is what got me thinking. πŸ™‚

We are not the only ones. Reading through Psalms and you can see David struggled with the very same thing at times. He often pleaded with God not to allow things to overcome him. To protect him and to give him the answers to his prayers. There were times in many of David’s circumstances when it must have seemed he was forgotten, possibly unloved and certainly incomplete. After all God had a plan for him – and it may be looked impossible to David that it would ever be finished.

Is it just that we have not seen the answer to our prayers? Or is it that we are not getting what we want? In my case it is very quiet. I am sitting still listening, waiting, and yet it seems to have been this way for so long. Impatience leads to that kind of thinking perhaps.

Where are you God? Have you forgotten me?

I know that is not true and try to meet Him daily so that my ‘stinkin thinkin’ does not get the better of me. Which brings me to the other side of my thinking.

Does God feel the same way?

What about the times I am so caught up in my day to day busy-ness that I forget about Him. I’m not prefect πŸ™‚ Even when I get my quiet time in first thing in the morning often the day just takes over. I do admit to forgetting thinking about Him, usually till my head hits the pillow at night. Then the attack of the guilts comes on. 😦 Sadness also at having missed such a wonderful opportunity.

He knows I love Him, but does He feel it coming from me? Does He see me making the effort to pull Him out of the cupboard of my mind, exercise a little creative stitching in fitting Him into my every waking moment. Giving Him fifteen minute bursts every now and then of complete attention if that is what it takes to make Him more a part of my day.

To truly make the effort so that completing my realtionship with Him is at least a work in progress rather than abandoned.

Just something to think about!