Making Memories

It is pretty evident that I love to record our memories. Taking photo’s is just a part of that. It’s also the reason I love to scrapbook. Digital or paper. It takes it beyond the image of the photo and into what is happening. Recording the story sometimes in the journaling. Other times just letting the photo, the layout, the title or the elements tell the story.

Making sweet memories with my children has always been at the heart of everything I do. Be it preparing a meal together, traveling to exotic places or celebrating a seasonal holiday or birthday in a special way.

To me memories are not just about the exciting times in life but also in the day to day. Many of my layouts share this.

The friends I meet online create memories together too. Our shared experiences in cyber-world serve to bring us together in ways that were not possible even a decade ago. One of those special ways is in the online chat rooms. It is a wonderful way to meet and share with people. I have been very blessed by my digi-scrapping buds whom I have a lot of fun creating, chatting and learning with.

Another arena that has been a wonderful blessing to me is sharing with other godly women online. Talk-a-Latte. Or Time 4 Tea. We all come together at home and spend time online learning. This is great when you think that most of us have young ones and it can be difficult to get to a real study or group. For people isolated similar to me it is a very needed avenue of contact with like minded ladies.

These times might be weekly studies or occasionally a jam packed weekend. Think Expo. Think Mommy goody bags. Think lots of freebies. 🙂 Think stay at home in your jammies and have lots of coffee, hot chocolate or tea and snacks handy. Sound like fun?

It is!

This weekend is one of those times. I can’t wait. It brings together one of my favourite topics and an online get together over tea with lots of good friends. With the major holiday season of the year approaching what better time to get some knew ideas and share yours too.

Want to know more… Lets Make a Memory Virtual Seminar

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Cindy Rushton – Lets Make a Memory

I am sure looking forward to it. 🙂

So much so that I just have to share one of my family’s special memory making events. Every Christmas eve, since our first child was born, we give the children a new ornament for the tree. All through the year I keep an eye out for one particular ornament for this purpose. Many of these I have collected from the country’s we have traveled through.

It has developed into a wonderful family evening. The children get to open one gift – new pajama’s! That way they look fab for my photos on Christmas morning 🙂 Plus its fun to look at their old ones and see how much they have grown.

Then they unpack their little bag of ornaments and place them around to look pretty. After that we give them their new Christmas ornament and take photo’s of them being put up too.

They can’t wait for that time each year. In many ways this time is more special than opening gifts in the morning.

Our plan is to gift them their ornaments the first Christmas after they marry. 🙂 What wonderful memories they will be able to pass on to their children with that box of goodies.


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