Always One

That’s the title of one of todays layouts.

It is such a challenge to get a good photo some days. There is always one or another of the subjects looking the wrong way, pulling a face, being cheeky or simply refusing to play the game.

However they always manage to sort themselves out. The older ones have realised the sooner the photo is taken the better. The sooner Mum is happy with the shot the sooner they can ‘get out of here’ – in the words of one!

Apparently that is another one of the drawbacks in J’s eyes to digital. At least with the old SLR you took the shot and hoped it would be ok. Now it takes so much longer because you know that 4 out of 5 are bad.

In my mind at least it is good. Plus all those out-takes make for some very funny moments when we get to reviewing after beening downloaded to the computer. Not to mention some pretty good potentially embarrassing material for when they get older. 🙂

Speaking of which…here is one of those times. My ‘baby’ loves to ham it up for the camera and this is a perfect example. She also has the ability to look very sweet.

The kit I have used for these is from Alma Townsend of The Scrap Habit Designs. It is called Pretty Birdy which I though was very apt for my sweet little one.


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