A Birthday Surprise

I have been working on a little gift for my son who will be 15 soon. He made a comment a couple of weeks ago about the draw back of digital being “the photo’s are always on the computer”.

Even for us, with the hundreds of digital layouts we have scrapped all those photos into, we don’t have many printed out. It is just not viable where I live at the moment. Even printing then out myself is an issue as we often run into the challenge here of no being able to buy inks. Hubby even had to buy a second printer at one point as the really nice Epson printer we have is impossible to get ink for our here. Even after talking to the local Epson rep!

So anyway I decided to make him a mini album. About him, to him. Life wisdom, verses and achievements. I am not filling it though. The rest of the gift will be for him to pick the photos he wants scrapped and to talk about them himself. His Dad and I will also write a letter each and include that.


The cover is a total scraplift of Hollie H’s Nick layout at DST. My album is only 7 x 5.5 printed so I adjusted it to suit the size, added a ‘sticky tape’ element and the word fifteen to it. Hollie is a wonderful scrapper and her designs really inspire me. You might enjoy browsing her gallery.

The photo taken here is winning the gold medal in the backstroke at the Junior Olympics in Detroit this year. The other page has a list of ‘fifteen rules’ for life.

Doing boy things!

Running in the Bahrain Marathon. Other page has some verses about running the race of life.

Whatever you do, do it well.

All of it attached to a board book and just a few masculine ribbons to dress it up. I may ink up the edges to make it a little more grungy. But nothing frilly of course. The pages may make it in here as individual posts with credits soon. After the birthday perhaps.

It is hard to know if someone that age will appreciate it. Not now maybe – but perhaps in the future.

I’ll let you know 🙂


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