New Creative Team

The time zone thing is so funny with when emails come in. It says the same day I applied but really it is the next day for me.

Anyway – the one I applied for yesterday has asked me to join her team. I will announce who it is as soon as she announces her new team. It is exciting yet daunting at the same time. This team works very different to my past experience. Hopefully I will be able to satisfy the requirements…and the designer.

I have not heard back from the one I applied for a few days ago. No matter – this will keep me busy enough.

The job entails making quick pages with kits ahead of the kit being released. Then I sit on the layouts till asked to upload. Now I understand how many of the designers do it. I always wondered how so many layouts appeared in such a rush after or at the same time as a kit release.

It make sense to get as much exposure as possible.

Posting at a couple of new sites too will be a good way to see more layouts and be inspired by other digi scrappers!


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