Creative Team Calls

I have always been a bit wary of applying for CT’s. It is really putting yourself out there for rejection. 🙂

Not that I am worried about what people think about my work – other than making my designers happy of course. After all it is for my family and myself that I scrap.

The 4 teams I was on, plus the site ct,  were all offered to me. I am very blessed to have been given the opportunity to work with these ladies and it has been fun. In fact I am with the original team I was first on too. Two of them stopped designing and the site closed last year so it has just been two for a while. Given my busy-ness and ill health in that same time it is just as well.

Now finding myself on a creating streak again, with some time as I rest and recoup… I stepped out of my box this week.

I applied for two. One a couple of days ago and one today.

Now it’s tender hooks while I wait to hear. Not worried if I don’t but it will be nice to get at least one. if I do. Each of my designers and these two have very different styles so there won’t be a conflict.