What is that all About?

An Altered Life

What does that bring to mind when you read it?

For me it is many things.

I have always ‘re-purposed’ things. As a little girl I would use whatever was around to play games with my doll. From cardboard box doll houses to toilet roll furniture. Turning tins and bottles into containers to hold my pencils and hair bands. Oh! and shoe boxes…what couldn’t I do with one of those. 🙂

Then in early married life, when money was tight, most of our furniture was old and at least 3rd hand. Perfect! I grabbed some white house paint and made it all look shabby new to us. This was in the days long before shabby became chic.

Now as a Mum I love to cook, scrapbook, embroider and quilt. All of which I alter in some way to share a part of me. I am also still finding old furniture and wooden things and painting them white. 🙂

My life has also been altered in many ways and continues to be every day by people I have met and places I have been.

Losing my Mum in a car accident changed me too.

All this has made me who I am. The continued daily altering by my Lord and Saviour rubs the bad edges and ugly alterations off as He continues to grow and alter me to be more like His Son.

And yes! I am a princess – I am a child of The King!
John 1:12