Junior Olympics AAU National Championships Results.

Wow, these last few days have flown. It seems we have been at the pool, eating or sleeping. Actually we did have Tuesday off and took the opportunity to visit The Henry Ford and Greenfield village. This is a fabulous museum and living history village.

I know everyone wants to hear how the munchkins did at the Junior Olympic so we’ll save the post for another day on the Ford museum, and include some photo’s when I get them uploaded to the computer.

So – onto the Junior Olympics results.

Jarred – 1 gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze, 2 copper (4th and 5th place) plus a gold and a bronze on his relay team. He swam 10 races and got 10 medals….not a bad haul!   🙂

Chloe – 1 copper (8th place in the final), plus a gold and a silver on her relay team.

Cody – 2 copper, plus a gold on his relay team

Shania – 1 bronze, 2 coppers, plus a gold on her relay team.

Everyone is thrilled at having a medal…the golds especially. Jarred swam well and some of his races were so so exciting. Less than hundredths of a second in some cases makes for a lot of breath holding by Mum. 🙂

Especially the hundred backstroke in which he won the gold medal. I videoed it and only at the end did I realize I hadn’t been breathing. At least I wasn’t yelling. Mind you, plenty of others were!

Wayne and I both got to work at the games. So we came away with volunteers t’shirts and the chance to watch the races from the pool deck whilst timing for some sessions, instead of up in the stands.

So there you have it – a fun time and some great results.

All the children made some lovely new friends and have addresses exchanged for penpals. The whole atmosphere was positive and everyone from every team so encouraging – even if one of their swimmers lost. It was a refreshing change from some competitions we have experienced before and an awesome example of winning and losing with the right attitude.

I’ll add photo’s here when as I can, so check back at this post to see them. No promises how soon it will be though!

Tomorrow morning we head out on our way back to Oklahoma. We’ll drive through Kentucky and visit the Creation Museum. Founded by Australian Ken Ham, of Answers in Genises. It is a great opportunity for us to expand our education while we learn about Science and Creation.


5 thoughts on “Junior Olympics AAU National Championships Results.

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  2. Wow, congrats to all the kids. I hope you are all keeping well. It is all so exciting to see how well you are doing. We are so jealous & wish we could be with you to share in the fun & to encourage you & cheer you on.
    Have sent texts etc but you obviously havn’t received them & i have not been on the comp for a while, wish we could catch up more personally. Love & hugs to all

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