Junior Olympics 2008 Detroit Michigan

Yesterday we registered and the children all had a good training session ready for competition tomorrow. They will be competing at the University Of Michigan Pool in Ypsilanti near Detroit in Michigan. We are staying about 15 minutes away in Ann Arbor.

The pool is set at the correct temperature so that if any records are broken they will be ratified and allowed. It is a little cooler than our pools back home but considering how hot it is inside the enclosed pool area it is nice for them to swim in. We on the other hand will be sweating it out.

Michigan University Swimming Pool for the Junior Olympics 2008

Everyone has pre-race excitement and all are looking forward to this new experience.

Then tonight we went to the Parade of Champions….supposedly something of an opening ceremony. To be honest it was a little disappointing. Being our first time we were not sure what to expect, however those who went with us and had been before said that it wasn’t very good, certainly not up to past times.

The one thing that everyone enjoyed was the Marching band. Their music was great, their leader energetic and fun, and the whole performance was really a treat. It turns out they are performing at the Olympics in Beijing!

I’ll try to update soon


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