Niagra Falls

Did you guess?

That photo was taken on the American side of Niagara Falls.

We have a few days before the Junior Olympics start and as it was only a 4 hour drive up here we decided to take the opportunity to head up this way.

We drove up through Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York along the southern side of Lake Erie into Buffalo and on to Niagara Falls. It was stunning countryside and the weather was perfect – in the mid 70’s which was a lovely change from the higher weather down south.

We stayed on that side of the river last night then took the ‘Rainbow Bridge’ to Canada. Driving across you get the full scope of the Niagara Falls.

I cannot believe how awesome the Falls are in real life. The power and majesty of that amount of water constantly flowing is beyond description. Photos don’t show the shear mass that it truly is…and it doesn’t stop!

Today we went on a walk behind the falls, deep down behind the flow. We got very wet!  Then we headed along the river past the whirlpool and on to a butterfly sanctuary.

What a treat this was. Two thousand plus butterfly’s in a natural type enclosure. There was a lot of information and exhibits of the life cycle and habitat the butterfly. Very well laid out too.
Once inside the immense enclosure they were everywhere, and quite happy to land on you. It seems I was an attractive target. Two butterfly’s, newly out of their cocoon’s, decided to adopt me and spent the better part of an hour hanging on while I toured the whole enclosure. They had to be removed before we left through an air lock.

Needless to say many people stopped me to take photo’s. I don’t think my calf muscle, where one of them decided to take up residence, has ever had quite that amount of attention. The other pretty butterfly sat on my left shoulder and migrated around a little between the front and back of my shirt.

One man, who had seen them hanging on for that long, titled me the “Butterfly Whisperer”.


Then we went back to the falls. This time to take a trip on the “Maid of the Mist”.

Maid of the Mist is a boat which has been taking tourist on an up close and personal trip to the base of the falls. The personal bit is with the water. They provide you with rain coat poncho’s but believe me – it gets personal.

However it is so worth it. The children enjoyed the whole thing, raising their faces to the water that flies up in the air and rains back down. Yelling above the noise to talk about how incredible the whole thing was and posing for photo’s.

We then walked back the the hotel, in part to dry out and mainly to further enjoy the view of both sides of the falls. Later we watched the fireworks they let off nightly from our room way above the falls.

Tomorrow we will head back to Detroit via the northern side of Lake Erie, most of the way traveling through Canada.

One nice thing about this while experience has been Wayne finally getting to visit Canada, even if it is only for a short time.

When I first met Wayne he had a photo of an Uncle who had moved to Canada and traveled around in a VW combi van. It was a dream of Wayne’s to visit  there one day, and now he has done it…even if only for a day.

Check back soon for some more photo’s.


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